Sunday, May 1, 2011

A little bit of winter lacrosse

One of the other reasons I wanted to stay in Utah for a little extra time was so that we could go to one of Elise's lacrosse games. She's been the coach of Skyline's HS team for almost three years now (I think?)... and she loves it. We loaded up the car with lots of warm clothes and headed up to Cottonwood Park to watch the girls play against Olympus. 

Where'd Andrew go?

Little dude had the best time sitting in Elise & Dan's little camping chair next to Grandma & Grandpa just watching the game.

It was freezing, especially when the sun would dip behind the clouds! Fortunately I had little Catie bug snuggled up with me... and we spent the game walking around together.

It is so awesome to be watching lacrosse right by snow-capped mountains. This game brought back a lot of good memories of playing in the cold when I played on the "BYU" women's lacrosse team. Aluminum sticks + freezing weather = frozen hands... and legs and arms... especially since we played in kilts.

Maddie & Dan also joined us in the cheering section and Andrew & Mads had fun playing together.

This picture was shot right before they tried to make a run for it onto the field (during the middle of the game).

After the game I went over to say hi to Coach Caffee and thoroughly confuse Elise's lacrosse girls. They were amazed when they saw us together and thought it was so cool that we looked so much alike (other than the basketball in Elise's stomach :)). It was pretty funny to confuse some of the parents on the sidelines too.

Caffee clan

Maddie is ready to start playing lacrosse now.

We warmed up after the game by heading over to The Pie for dinner. Delish! I ate way too much and the little people had fun watching them make the pizzas and throw the dough in the air.

Aunt Elise had fun cuddling with cutie Cate... we are getting so excited for Cate's new cousin to arrive soon!

Great night! Great food! Sooo cold, but so fun!

Elise's lacrosse team even made it into the Utah Lacrosse news this week. :) Congrats coach! :)

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