Monday, May 30, 2011

BBQs, Birthdays, and Biting

We've been doing a lot of playing with Grandma this weekend. Sundays are awesome because we have a lot of chill time after church to relax.

I love Caitlin's reaction to dancing Elmo... especially when he fell over on her.

We spent a lot of time outside watching Andrew play bocce ball, hit baseballs, and run around.

Cate continued to demonstrate her favorite activity- biting on her fingers.

The BBQ made it's spring debut this weekend. We had to deck out the table in honor of Memorial Day.

Kevin made his special cheesy burgers and homemade BBQ sauce and we went to town on yummy food. I inhaled way too many cheddar sour cream & onion chips :)

Catiebug got to join in on the eating fun (after trying to knock all of Kevin's dishes off the table)... we let her eat some Baby Mum Mums. She mostly just bites them and then spits them out everywhere. Messy girl! That might be the first (and last) time she gets to eat those for awhile.

We ended the evening with some birthday celebrating for Grandma (double chocolate Ghirardelli brownies and mint chip ice cream).

The lucky birthday girl gets to fly home tomorrow and then hang out with Scott, my dad, and Elise... so in one long weekend she'll get to celebrate with all of her kids! I think that is a pretty awesome way to spend a birthday weekend.

Happy Birthday Grandma Julie! 


Liz said...

What a fun birthday weekend for your mom!

The Mostess said...

She is so adorable!

Sorry that we missed you in Danville. We were originally going to make it a family day because Lancer had been gone for 2 weeks. At the last minute, he decided to nap instead--so I felt like it was too late to call you. Next time I will call or text! It would have been great to see you guys!