Monday, May 9, 2011

Mobilizing your blogger site... and my Homemade Mother's Day gift

This isn't going to be a very interesting post... since there are only two pictures and I'm going to mention a boring topic (mobilizing your blogger site). So, if you don't blog, you can stop reading now (though you'll miss the info about my homemade Mother's Day gift). If you do blog, check out this link and read the info and mobilize your blogger site. I'm sure there are plenty of other places to read about it too... I just liked this easy explanation. Blogs looks so much better on your phone once you do this. If your blog shows teeny tiny print and I have to keep clicking zoom in when I pull it up on my phone, this is for you. 

I had to throw in a cute pic of my favorite little people playing together.

And here's the big homemade present I got for Mother's Day. Kev sure knows how to woo a girl, doesn't he? :) In addition to flowers, yummy breakfast & dinner (made by Kevin), and some Mrs. Fields, and promises of a few fun dates in the future... the man made me a concrete step.

I think it looks pretty good.

Considering all the verbal abuse he went through by me when he was making it, we're all pretty impressed it is still standing. I did not trust his instinct and spend much of my weekend watching DIY stair making videos on YouTube trying to show him that his step wasn't being done correctly.

It is now curing and we are hoping it will remain intact when we redo the garage floor later this week. It is going to get covered with this floor coating.

Just so that you can be super impressed too... picture in the place of that awesome homemade concrete step... a very ugly wooden step that was falling apart and covered with nasty dirty grody carpet.

Pictures of all our new garage storage and completed flooring will be posted later this week. The guys have been hammering and drilling all day (and the little people are actually still sleeping through it all, which is a miracle).

I think I may need to start shopping more now that I will have so much more storage! :)

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Liz said...

I'm just impressed that Kevin would attempt build his own stair out of cement. Looks great in the picture!