Friday, May 6, 2011

Girls Trip!

Caitlin and I went on a Girls trip to Utah this week to go meet this little cutie...

Olivia (my twin sister's newest daughter) is tiny, precious, and adorable! I loved getting to cuddle with her.

I also had a blast hanging out with my favorite little sweetheart- Maddie. We went to Mrs. Fields, the park, and then just hung out and played, watched Super Why, and enjoyed a lot of time outside! This week was beautiful in Utah.

Caitlin had some chill time with her new BFF/cousin Olivia.

We also got Miss Maddie in on a little photo shoot with all her babies... she is already proving to be an awesome big sister!

I love how she's holding Olivia's tiny little hand in this picture

During Cate's naps, I got lots of snuggle time with Olivia. I love her itty bitty features and reddish blonde hair! What a darling little girl!

Can't wait to see her again in a few weeks when we come out for Maddie's 2nd b-day and Olivia's baby blessing!

PS- Have I told you lately how much I love staying with my mom and dad? :) When Cate and I arrived at midnight on Wednesday night, this is how we were greeted.

PPS- We also managed to get in a shopping trip to the mall (where I managed to forget my single BOB stroller in the Nordstrom parking lot... sigh)... and we hit up The Chocolate in Orem with Shari as a little Mother's Day treat. I had a huge piece of this cake. I am still dreaming about it. I ate the entire thing and it was totally worth the stomach ache!

Fortunately, Shari is an awesome mother-in-law and watched Cate this morning so that I could go run off all the cake I had eaten (since I was stroller-less at that point). 

I am missing Kevin and my little man though, so I'm looking forward to our trip home! Three saintly friends watched Andrew on Thursday and Friday... and let's just say that I owe one of them a lot of trips to Cheesecake Factory and Andrew isn't as potty trained as we thought... grr. Never a dull moment with that kid for sure!  


Liz said...

Sounds like so much fun!!! I love the picture of all the little girl cousins together. Baby Cate can definitely hold her own!! All such darlings little girls.

Laura said...

I love that Cate is closer in size to Madeline than to Olivia. :-)