Monday, May 23, 2011

Lazy summer days are coming!!

Today gave me a glimpse of how I am hoping the summer goes... and I loved it.

We made rainbow pudding pops and a little sail boat

We attempted to float the boat down the waterfalls at the park...

The boat crashed and burned...

So then we just had straw races... we would've done them forever if Cate hadn't been dying of boredom.

We ran around like crazy people and Andrew made new friends (and played nicely with them)

He also spent some quality time with his other new friends (a whole passel of sticks)

Sticks + hitting water + rocks + scaring mom to death = fun for a long time for little boys

Catie bug and I just watched and practiced her sitting up skills. She fell over the second this photo was taken.

Once we finally coerced Andrew away from the park, we went home and he showered. He LOVES the shower right now. I got the most awesome recording of him singing "I saw her standing there" in the shower today that I will have to upload soon. To him the shower is like an indoor racquetball court with water. He will stay in there throwing balls and toys and splashing until the water is ice cold... he loves it that much.

We ended our relaxing day with FHE. Our lesson was about Helamen and how he obeys his parents. We are using these awesome books by David Bowman for FHE each week and they are a big hit! The lesson went in one ear and out the other... but we played "Helamen Says" and it was the highlight of my day. We might need to play that game every day. Andrew did everything I said for 10 minutes (until we switched turns)... it was a much needed break from the "NO" that is the current response for everything (even when it isn't really an answer, "Andrew, do you want a brownie or a cookie?..."--"NO!").

Cate just smiled and sat in Andrew's little chair while we played. She was mesmerized by her crazy brother who was kicking stuffed animals and making up songs. I love watching her watch him... especially because the smiles she gives him are just so precious... and I am never quick enough to catch them on camera. I also love how Cate's cheeks are always rosy pink like a little china doll. The girl is just so precious! I love this age!

I am looking forward to more lazy summer days filled with water play, popsicles, trips to the park, and just hanging out together!


Sarah said...

Cate definitely looks like a little china doll. What a cutie. We are getting excited to see you all soon!

Jess said...

Her hair looks like it is starting to turn red! Like red, red!