Sunday, May 1, 2011

If I Only Had Today

My heart has been a little heavy today as I have rushed about doing regular Saturday things- running errands, going to t-ball, planning my church lesson, and cleaning out the garage...

Tonight, when I finally got a moment to be still and work on my lesson for tomorrow about the temple, I thought about the blessings that our marriage in the temple has brought me...  

The greatest one of which is peace. Peace to know that if I only had today with these special people here on earth (picture below :))... I would still get to be with them forever.

A beautiful family in our ward has experienced heartache this week as the father suddenly suffered a massive stroke. 

The words that keep going through my head again and again are from the blog that is updated daily... earlier this week it said, "... this is a life-altering event. Dad will never be the same, so prepare yourself for that reality." 

I can't get stop thinking about my last conversation with this friend- such a sweet man in our ward- who was going on and on complimenting me about an activity I helped coordinate. He has always taken every opportunity to say hi, talk with me, and say something kind to me whenever I would see him. When I was pregnant with Caitlin, he went out of his way to bring a special Christmas book to me that he thought I would appreciate.  

I don't think I remember often enough how precious life is... 

And most specifically the difference that we can each make by doing small things (like this friend always does).

Giving a compliment, smiling, choosing to look for the good, expecting the best in someone, remembering important events or details, saying thank you, noticing when someone is having a rough day, giving up your time to serve in little ways, and just listening when someone seems like they need to talk.

I have been a little weepy late this evening as I have been thinking about how fragile life is. We are praying for our friend and his family and I think there might be a higher probability that he will survive now... though he isn't out of the woods yet and if he does survive, he has a long long recovery ahead.

When Caitlin woke up crying tonight, I cuddled with her for an extra long time. I love how little kids seem to know when you just need some extra love. 

This week has reminded me once again that every moment is precious. That is one of the reasons why I loved my trip to Utah last week so much as well. Nothing is more important to me than my family. I love my friends (who have become family to me), but if I could spend each morning running with my mom and sisters or chatting with my dad, or goofing around with Scott, Cat, and Dan , I would take that over anything. Especially if cute little Maddie and Andrew, Kevin, and Caitlin were there too. I almost can't wait to get to heaven so hopefully we can all have big houses right next to one another.

That would be heaven to me. 

Time to finally hit the sack! Heaven would also mean sleeping in late and no little boys waking up at night ;)

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