Saturday, May 21, 2011

A little bonding

By the end of this week I was joking with my neighbor that I was ready to ship Andrew off to military preschool :) (only half kidding here). Instead, I sent Kevin & Andrew off to the annual church Fathers & Sons Camp out... while Cate & I had some calm girl bonding time at home... which included shopping and good food.

We ran some errands (which included buying Caitlin a new toy and more hair clips... since you can never have too many of either)... and then we hit up Fuddruckers for dinner. We did take-out, since it was getting close to bedtime. Caitlin was a big fan of the plastic lids. I ate a large basket of fries and a big milkshake. Mmm! 

After dinner, we watched a little bit of How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days... and then we both hit the sack early. It felt phenomenal. I had a huge list of things I had been planning to do (a cute DIY project, laundry, closet organizing, and catching up on chick flicks on my DVR)... but my bed won. 

This morning when we woke up at 9am, we worked on my list, cuddled a lot, and had fun playing. We also did a little photo shoot with one of Cate's new adorable dresses from my Aunt Wendy.  

Our girl time was so relaxing. 

I was hoping for some cute pictures from the Father/Son Campout... but the highlight of the night (the only event that got photographed), was Andrew's first experience peeing on a tree. It was memorable... let me tell you, but that photo will not get to be displayed on the blog. Would hate for that one to come back to haunt Andrew in 20 years when he's trying to get a job :)

The boys also took a trip to Fuddruckers on their way to the camp out. By the time they arrived at the camp (after getting a little turned around), it was probably 8pm. They lugged all their stuff up to the camp... and that was when Kevin realized that Andrew's bag (that I had meticulously packed earlier in the afternoon) had not made it into the car. Whoops! Fortunately, he doesn't get stressed out about things like that (I would've gone home)... and so he found someone to borrow a diaper from (bc Andrew still uses pull-ups at night)... and Andrew just slept in his clothes. The poor kid had no socks (there were 3 pairs in his bag... so that he could layer them if it was too cold)... but he was fine. Kev fortunately had grabbed his sweatshirt. I was the one at home looking at the bag sitting on the counter and worrying about my poor cold little guy... but I shouldn't have been worrying, he had a blast. His favorite thing was learning how to put a marshmallow on a stick. He also brought a special rock home from camping to show me and Caitlin.

Other than the 3/4 mile trek to and from the camp from the parking lot and the fact that Andrew woke up every 2 hours all night long... the camp out was great. 

It was especially fun that we each had a buddy for the night. I am looking forward to more Mommy/Daughter girl's nights in the future!

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