Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Right Now

I love my little Cate right now. Every stage is different and fun. 

I love that she can sit and play with toys (and only fall over every once in awhile).

I love that she smiles practically every time I send a glance her way.

I love that she'll squeal and keep herself entertained in her exersaucer while I make dinner or do the dishes.

I love that she will play on the floor surrounded by toys and roll and grab... as long as she can hear me or Andrew close by.

I love that she rocks her body back and forth while she is playing so that I find her in all sorts of different locations (she started off closer to the toy in the top right corner).

I love that she'll happily play with toys when she's in her carseat (as long as the carseat isn't driving in the car and she can't see me).

I love the little sounds that she makes. Her current favorite sound is "mmmm!" She thinks it is even better when I copy her. This is her "mmmm" sound face. :)

I love it when she acts goofy and sticks out her tongue at me!

I also love watching these two cuties together. I love that Cate can swing next to Andrew on the swings now. He thought it was so funny that she kicked her shoes off while she was swinging... so he had to kick his shoes off too :) 

Lastly, even though this kid tries my patience (like tonight when he threw a tantrum for over 30 minutes about going to bed), I love love love him too. When he wears bright outfits like this (and accessorizes with his hat) it just makes me happy. I love that he yells, "Hi guys!" to random people at the park. I love that he introduces himself to everyone (Hi! I'm Andrew! Who are you?). 

And I love his special "Baby Caitlin" voice. He is a total sweetheart. 

I feel very lucky to spend the day with these two every day!

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