Friday, August 19, 2016

Catie is a Kindergartener & Andrew is a Third Grader

We kicked off the first day of school with a book breakfast. The kiddos ate pancakes and raspberries and then we took photos and raced off to school. Catie got the most adorable back to school outfit from Boden for a project (giveaway) I was working on with them. Andrew's outfit didn't arrive in time, so he wore his another day. 

Andrew ran off to find friends once we arrived at school and I went with Catie to the kinder yard.

She LOVES her new teacher and her new classroom. She also was so excited to see several friends from TK and church at school.

I went into the classroom with Catie for the first little bit and we followed a little checklist. Then I said goodbye, went home for an hour, and then went back and got her. It was a short day!

After school we played and then picked Andrew up at 12pm and headed off for lunch and a trip to Mrs. Fields and a park. After some park time the kids got some down time and then we ended the night with a family dinner to CPK. We had several grumpy kids at dinner, which was to be expected since we were all a bit overtired, so it was nice once every one went to bed!

Catie is sure that she got the best teacher ever and Andrew is excited about his teacher too!

We made it through the week without too many meltdowns so I would call that a success!