Friday, April 29, 2011

Cute Cousins!

One of my favorite parts about our most recent trip to Utah was how much fun Andrew and Madeline had with one another. They are at such fun ages and love each other. :)

On Monday, after Andrew & Grandpa took a golf cart ride to Wills and Mom, Caitlin, and I went running, we headed up to Sandy to meet up with Elise & Maddie at Southtowne Mall.

We rode the carousel, ate lunch, rode the train, and played in the little play area (with a goal to tire the little people out). They loved it and had such a good time together. 

Later in the afternoon we put all the crazy little ones down for naps at Elise's house and then we relaxed and chit chatted for a bit. While Elise headed to lacrosse practice (she is a coach), Mom and I watched the kiddos. They were darling.

Aunt Wendy brought the cutest bunny cookies to Easter dinner (and we were too full to eat them), so on Monday they both enjoyed their cookies immensely... with lots of messy faces and sticky hands!

Grandma read stories. Andrew really wanted to read the Pinkalicious story... so we found it in Maddie room, read it, and made little pink collages.

After Elise got home we headed over to Fuddruckers for dinner. I ate way too many fries with cheese. I was in heaven (and stuffed). I am still dreaming about all the good food I had on vacation. When I am at my house, nothing sounds good, so I barely eat anything... which helps with baby weight loss, but makes me a little depressed.

Anyways, sorry for the random tangent. Monday rocked. We were exhausted by the time we got home... especially since Caitlin screamed a bunch on the way home. Good times. I think it would make me more annoyed if Andrew got mad or grumpy when she screamed... but he doesn't... he just sings, talks to Cate, talks to me, or just chills. 

Love that kid... 

and I love that Maddie & Andrew like each other so much. 

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