Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Compromise

After the craziness of remodeling our condo's bathroom when I was 7-9 months pregnant with Andrew (remember all my griping about not having a toilet and having to take only baths for what felt like forever?)... I basically have come to hate remodeling. It always takes longer than planned, especially because life gets in the way. Kevin is awesome at remodeling, very detail oriented, and very handy... but it still stresses me out.

Kev has been wanting to recarpet several rooms in the house for awhile. I protested when I was pregnant because I didn't want to deal with the disaster and messiness that comes from moving furniture and ripping things up. I protested once Caitlin was born because I had just gotten her room (and Andrew's room) somewhat organized. Kevin persisted... and so we finally came up with a compromise. I would go to Utah and visit my family... and while I was gone... he would get the carpets redone and I would come home and everything would be back to normal.

This is how my house looked on Monday (I was in Utah).

Caitlin's closet was in the bathroom

Our master bath was filled with stuff

and our bedroom was a disaster area

Kevin moved all the furniture HIMSELF and then he and our awesome friend Jeremy (who has helped now with every remodel we have done)... both ripped out the carpet and repaired some creaks... in time for the carpet people to arrive bright and early Tuesday morning.

My house was completely back to normal by this afternoon (Wednesday) when I arrived home. You can barely tell that anything is different in this picture... (especially because we put in pretty neutral carpet)... but man is it cozy and soft!

Andrew's reaction when he saw his room, "Whoa! Nice carpet dad!"

The guest room also got recarpeted. The carpet in our bedroom and bathroom feels like sandpaper compared to the new stuff. It is amazing how once you fix one thing... other things start looking terrible in comparison. It is vicious cycle. I just added several more projects to our "to fix" list.

Next project is the garage. Kevin has been getting bids for almost two months now... and we might have finally found a design we like... maybe. We take a long time to make decisions. 

I am mostly excited because they are going to put cubbies in it for me. They won't be as awesome as these, but something similar... at least that is what I am hoping for. 

I am also going to have hooks for my Bob strollers so that they don't take up all of the garage floor space!

Anyways, I think I ended up getting the better end of the deal with our compromise. Kevin is sore, tired, and in bed right now. I am energized and am happily looking through pictures of all of the fun I had in Utah this week with my sisters-in-law, nieces, nephews, mother in law, sisters, and parents! 

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Liz said...

Best remodel solution EVER!! To not have to be in the thick of it, and to come home to a completed project sounds heavenly!