Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bottomless fries

Our Saturday evening excursion to look at dining room furniture didn't pan out because all the stores closed at 6pm (lame!). Since we were already out, and STARVING, we headed to Red Robin for dinner. I haven't been there in probably 10 years, but remembered something about bottomless fries, so we rushed on over. Yum! 

I love it when we do something unplanned and the kiddos behave and we actually have a really good time.

Andrew felt that I was enough of a stalker at baseball... so didn't want any more photos :) Love the attitude he was giving me.

I was mostly excited that Cate could sit in the high chair (with a blanket stuffed behind her) and keep herself entertained a bit.

Eyeing some fries

She made friends with a few of the people sitting by us as well... and yes, her hair was struggling a bit. She loves to pull her own hair and my hair and suck on it... so it is hard to keep it looking neat. She looks a bit like a raggamuffin here...but an adorable one :)

Once she got bored of playing, her hands helped keep her occupied. They are her FAVORITE friends these days!! She loves sucking on her thumb and I think it is adorable... though might think something different when we are getting her braces down the road to fix her teeth!

So sad the weekend is over! It was a great one!

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