Thursday, April 28, 2011

Costco Bowling!

Nope, we did not go bowling at Costco... but Andrew can't seem to say "Cosmic"... hence the title.

Our first major event in Utah (other than a Friday night trip to Leatherbys for huge ice cream sundaes with my fam), was Cosmic bowling at BYU with the Buskirks & Johnsons (minus Shauna & Randy)!!

Leah loves Baby Caitlin and is adorable with her... but I could never seem to catch her on camera (this was the best that I could get).

The bowling trip was one of the many exciting ways that we celebrated our nephew Brett's 14th birthday! He's the one in the picture "scratching his eye" since he loves pictures oh so very much ;)

Rob was stoked to be playing in the adult lane... since he is almost as tall as Kevin now, it would've looked weird for him to be playing with the little kids... although he's the cousin that is the cutest with Andrew & Leah. They adore him!

I tried and tried to get a glamour shot of Kate (and I loved her poses)... but every single shot ended up with closed eyes. Andrew was the ball keeper (paranoid that someone was going to steel his ball), so he stood next to the ball return for almost the entire game.

My favorite comment of the day was when Ella finished playing and remarked that her hands were filthy from being inside the bowling ball!! She immediately went and washed her hands afterwards. I wish Andrew's brain worked the same way... when you start thinking about it... those bowling balls are pretty gross!

Leah's expression when she knocked several pins down was my favorite of the day. What an adorable little girl!

Catie bug loved hanging out with everyone- especially Grandma Shari!

Spinning around with Cousin Rob

Ball keeper

Caitlin also got some cuddling time in with Liesl, which gave my arms a much needed break!

When things slowed down, the birthday boy kept Andrew happy playing Angry Birds.

Liesl attempted to speed the games along by taking the little people's turns when they weren't watching... unfortunately some of them were a little too smart. :)

These two cracked me up- Andrew was licking the ball return (sick!) and Leah was letting her hair blow.


After a great game or two, we headed off to Noodles & Company for a late lunch... and then Village Inn for dessert (to celebrate Brett's birthday). The European truffle pie was AMAZING.

We went back to Liesl & Allen's house to relax, chat, and go into a food coma while the little people played.

So glad Andrew & Caitlin got to spend time hanging out with all eight of their awesome cousins!

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