Sunday, April 17, 2011

It begins!

I am hoping that this weekend was the beginning of lots of family baseball-filled weekends. I have tons of good memories of weekends spent at the little league ball park when I was younger (as we watched Scott play) and so many of my parent and Scott's good friendships from our town were started through baseball. I am hoping Andrew has fun making some new friends in little league... and if he's good enough to play for the Yankees someday, we'll (I mean I'll) be happy about that too ;)

T-ball is pretty low key at this age. They get assigned to a team and they do four different stations at "practice" each week. We're on Team 1. If the kids get creative enough, we might decide on a team name next week. Eventually they might play a scrimmage, but I am imagining sheer chaos.

Kev said the highlight of the day was when the kids were sitting in a big circle introducing themselves and he and Andrew arrived late to practice by a few minutes... Andrew listened to the other kids and then since his turn had been skipped, he yelled out, "My name is Andrew and I like chicken nuggets!" No fear of talking in large groups yet... hopefully his kindergarten teacher doesn't call him a "loud mouth" and squelch all of his enthusiasm and talkativeness (like mine did).

He thought he looked pretty cool in his new baseball hat.
They had the kids pass a ball around in a circle. Typically the kid who was throwing did not wait for the other kid to look and did not tell them the ball was coming. :) There were actually less injuries than I was expecting.

There are probably at least 2 adults per kid at practice, so all the kids get lots of attention. Caitlin and I came over after her nap so that we could watch Andrew play a bit.

His favorite station was when they were hitting the balls off the tee. The alligator catch game was fun to watch too.

Notice his gorgeous mitt? :) It arrived on Friday, just in time for his first practice. At this age it is optional to have a mitt, but we think he looks so cute with one... so we had to get one.

T-ball is only 50 minutes long. When I sign up for these sort of little kid activities I always think, "wow, that is so short..." but by the time 45 minutes of practice rolled around, Andrew and pretty much all the other kids were laying down, sitting down, or getting carried around or tickled. They were done!

At this age I love it because when they actually catch the ball they are so amazed and proud :)

To tough and cool to give me a normal smile :)

Little dude also got a t-ball shirt to wear too. He was so excited about his shirt and his hat that he wore both to a friend's b-day party after his practice.  

Can't wait till next time!

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E J said...

He's a lefty for sure, huh? What kind of glove did you get (and where)? I'm pretty sure C is going to be left handed.