Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tuesday Togetherness!

I snapped a few more pictures today after I posted the hideous (yet adorable) pics of Caitlin and her mohawk/mullet. The girl is like a faucet, so it is hard to keep her clothes looking cute for long. I love the picture of her sleeping. Baby boot camp is exhausting! 

Andrew also really wanted to take pictures with Cate (his new nickname for her is Catie-pie)... so I obliged and snapped a few. None are necessarily frame worthy (mostly bc of all her drool!), but adorable anyway. I love to see them interact and love each other more and more. Andrew gets SO annoyed at me if I put Caitlin's pacifier in her mouth and rips it out saying, "She can't talk to me with that in!" I can tell they have years of goofiness and fun together ahead of them.

Andrew had to wear his cozy pants for the picture since these were taken right after his nap and he is very particular about his clothes lately.

I am hating his potty training wardrobe of sweats and khaki pants with elastic. My next job is to teach him to snap and zip so we can get back to using his old cute pants!


Chrissie said...

ADORABLE photos; cozy pants included!

super awesome kt said...

Maybe it's the way he styled his hair or maybe he got a haircut - but Andrew looks so grown-up! I can't believe how grown he is!

Lopez Family said...

i think they r adorable pics of the kiddies! maybe even frame worthy =P and i love how they match!