Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter Surprises

This is usually the theme of my day...

Although I need one that says, "Keep Calm and Call Elise" too... since I call both almost equally as much. :)

When Kevin & I decided to do our recarpeting project, I started chatting with my mom about when would work to come out and stay with her. We quickly came to the conclusion that Easter weekend would be the perfect time. We immediately started planning all the fun things we could do with the little people while we were in town... most specifically on Easter when we were all together.

One of the things that I love about my mom is that she doesn't just do parties and fun things for show when other people are around and looking... she actually does cuter things for US (and the little kiddos) than for anyone else. This Easter was no exception.

She spent weeks ahead of time planning little details for Easter dinner... like buying adorable porcelain Peter Rabbit place settings for everyone to use (including the little people), and getting candy and cute little favor baskets to go at each plate. I couldn't help but snap a gazillion pictures. The table looked so pretty!


It is the little things that count and make events special... and my mom is the queen of remembering details. Jessie and I both talked about how special it made us feel that she went to so much trouble and extra work (especially since she works full-time) to make this Easter such a memorable family occasion.

Grandma Julie & Miss Cate on Easter Sunday

Not only was every detail of Easter dinner awesome, Grandma Julie also made Easter morning super special by buying Caitlin and Andrew the most darling personalized Easter basket bags :)

Andrew thought his blue bag was AMAZING and loved all the treats and presents from Mr. & Mrs. Easter Bunny plus Grandma Easter Bunny. Wow! What a lucky kid!

Grandma Easter Bunny also got a special treat for Kevin & I from our favorite cookie store ever. Any guesses? It had lots of frosting, so we were in heaven.

Grandma Easter bunny even got Catiebug some fun baby toys that were lifesavers on the airplane... although Cate was even more interested in Jessie's basket (and the mini eggs... she's starting young) :)

Pretend you don't see Aunt Jessie in these pictures. She said she wasn't camera ready yet and I forgot to crop her out of them. Caitlin loved hanging out with Jessie on Easter morning.

And so did Andrew.

Grandma Julie also made Andrew his most favorite breakfast foods ever- cinnamon rolls & cheesy eggs. Yum!

Let's just say, if there was a choice as to whether Andrew could return to Cali with me or stay with Grandma Julie... I would not have won. In fact, his was scheming all day Wednesday to figure out a way for me to let him stay.

Maddie feels the same way.

I wonder why? :)

After a big Easter egg hunt in Grandma's basement and too much good dessert, the day finally had to come to an end.

What a special day... made even more wonderful by all the love Grandma showed to the three little munchkins (and the rest of us, of course!)! 

I think I have the most wonderful mom EVER. 

And when I told Andrew that he had to wear a seat belt on the airplane or else the pilot wouldn't let him fly to California... he said, "and then I'd have to get off and I would get to stay here with Grandpa Kim & Grandma Julie. That sounds good."

Strike one for me.  

Hmmm... I think he thinks Grandma is pretty cool too. :)

Thanks Mom for the awesome weekend!

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jocie said...

Jules really is incredible. I'd like to stay with her in Utah myself.