Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Arizona Weekend

Last Friday morning we flew off to Arizona for a quick weekend trip to visit my Grandma. This little cutie was a dream on the flight there (and back!) and slept and slept!

Andrew was awesome too and loved playing Angry Birds and Chalkboard bowling on Kevin's iPad. I am in love with technology these days when it comes to keeping kids occupied on airplanes!

After we arrived and went through the craziness of lugging all of our bags around to pick up a rental car (in Phoenix the cars are so far away!), we managed to tire the kiddos out enough to help them take naps. Kevin and I just explored the Mesa highways until they woke up!

Later in the evening we met up with the Caffees, my parents, and my Grandma and headed to our favorite local Mexican restaurant- Mattas. We have been going there since I was little (though it used to be downtown and in an awesome older building).

The little people were a bit psycho by that point of the night... but we still managed to snap some cute pictures.

My favorite little cutie of the weekend was Maddie. Andrew loves her too and they both think the other one is hysterical! Little man loved to show Maddie all about the big boy things he does (like go to the bathroom)... He also nicknamed her "Mad" and would say, "C'mon Mad, let me show you...(whatever)" It was so adorable!

PS- Isn't Elise such a gorgeous pregnant lady?
You wouldn't even know she was pregnant from this pic.

Cate enjoyed some brief cuddling with Grandma before she decided to be a little psycho too. Fortunately Dan & Kevin were around and took the kiddos out of the restaurant to run around so that we could enjoy dinner and chatting with Grandma.

On Saturday it POURED! All of the girls headed off running in a downpour around 8am before everyone else got going for the day. Elise had already run for 30 minutes BEFORE our hour run. She is crazy!

Andrew, Kevin and Grandpa had fun goofing around at breakfast while we ran.

We spent the afternoon at Jambo (an indoor Amusement Park in Mesa) with several of our cousins and their kids. Baby Cate loved meeting her new little buddy Elliott (below). They are three months apart.

He is so cute and tiny! I loved getting to snuggle with him for a bit.

Double trouble!
(our most recent twin photo-- our last one was here- @ Britt's wedding)

Elise, Brittney, Kylie, Kristina

Cute Maddie had fun riding the rides

And playing with Andrew.

The girls with Grandma Ewart

On Saturday afternoon we headed over to visit my Aunt Michelle's family store- The Orange Patch Too... and chatted with Michelle and my cousin Emily. It is the cutest store ever. I could've stayed there all afternoon!

Saturday evening was a fun-filled night of cousin & kid craziness at my Grandma's house! Three of my dad's brother's came over, plus spouses/partners and kids and grandkids... We had such a great time catching up and meeting everyone's little kids.

Cate with Grandma Ewart

Andrew and Maddie had fun goofing around together with Grandma's blankets.

On Sunday we went to church with my Grandma and then had some hang out time at her house before our flight. Caitlin loved cuddling with Elise, Dan & Grandma Julie.

Andrew loved spending every minute in Grandma's (Great Grandma Marla to him) giant backyard. Her backyard is probably bigger than many of the parks around where we live. Kevin enjoyed climbing in the orange trees to rescue balls thrown by Andrew :)

Such handsome guys!

Not the cutest picture of Caitlin... but it was nice to see her happy and cuddly with Grandma. She's not a huge fan of anyone other than me lately :)

Overall, our trip to AZ was fabulous... other than any rides in the car with Cate (she screamed bloody murder). 

I am having post-vacation depression already. 

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Chrissie said...

Elise IS a gorgeous pregnant lady, and she reminds me of another lady who was also gorgeous during her pregnancy...

Looks like a really fun trip!