Thursday, April 21, 2011

The best way to prepare your cupboards for Easter...

is to get rid of the old candy by having your very own episode of Iron Chef Cake Wars!!

At least that's what we called it. 

We started off by making A LOT of cake (I actually made all of these cakes and then accidently made two more... so Andrew & Kevin were very happy... guess what they ate for dinner? :)).

Next we raided our cupboards for every random item imaginable (Christmas Hershey's kisses, pretzels, half eaten bags of marshmallows... whatever we wanted to get rid of)...

and we brought it all to the church...

We put the kids in four groups, had them pick a scripture story or parable to illustrate (via cake) and then the war began! They had 40 minutes before they had to present.

They did a great job... but mostly just had a lot of fun

This is the only story I remember (Jonah and the whale), though I recall several groups picking stories where there was burning at the stake or smiting heads. :) Starbursts are very useful for making flames. :)

The panel of judges had a tough time deciding which group to pick as the winner!

Overall, awesome night and we need to make this an annual week before Easter tradition. We were all so stoked to rid our cabinets of treats in preparation for the onslaught of candy arriving this weekend!

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