Monday, April 4, 2011

Things to do

There are several things on our "to do" lists... we got a few of them done this weekend

1. Get in shape! I'm training for a half marathon or two... so I need to get back up to running longer distances. I joined my cousin Jenny's running group for a 5 mile run at 7am on Saturday. It felt so good. I need to get back to running 5-6 miles/day... right now I'm only doing 3-4 pushing the jogger. I still feel like I'm recovering from a car accident though, so I'm not rushing myself.

2. Hang out with Jess- always on our weekly to do list.

Jess came up to hang out with us Fri night while Kevin went to Priesthood session. We went to Fosters Freeze for sub par ice cream, shopped around downtown, and went to the cute new candy store.

3. Doorknobs! We are replacing all of our doorknobs. Kevin spackles, I paint, he does everything else. Such a handy guy.

So glad to get rid of these dated pieces of hardware...

and upgrade them a bit.

4.Carpet! Kevin is going to have the carpet replaced in the kid's rooms and guest room while I head to Utah later this month. First we have to pick what we want... let's just say it feels like we're looking for a needle in a haystack. No clue what I want other than not too expensive and hides stains easily :)

5. Conference!
We had a great conference breakfast on Saturday & Sunday morning

Had a slumber & tickle party in the living room... and watched 8 hours of conference!! Andrew was so cute and loved cuddling while we watched.

6. Bathtime... lots of it! Caitlin's rolls are constantly hiding nastiness, so the poor girl could always use a bath. This was the first time we tried out a bath seat our neighbor gave us. Catee loved it and Andrew loved keeping her entertained in the tub... he washed her hair and sprayed her with water.

7. Organizing!!
I sorted through more of Caitlin's clothes. These are my two favorite purchases from Outrageous Outgrowns. This might be Cate's Easter dress. I think it cost $10. Isn't it gorgeous??!!

I also love her swim suit cover up from Gymboree ($5 from OO? maybe). This will come in handy when we head to Arizona soon and go swimming!!

Definitely a productive + lazy + relaxing weekend! I love those!

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