Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bad Hair Day(s)

Baby Cate has been having some awful hair days lately...

We even attempted a pony type hairdo last week bc she has so much hair in some spots and none in others. The poor girl has quite the receding hairline.

This one from today is my absolute favorite. Now that she is unswaddled at night she moves her head tons more too... so pretty soon she's going to have several bald spots all around the back of her head. :) I think we'll be looking for an Easter hat to go with her Easter dress!

We still thinks she's cute... despite the nasty cradle cap and mullet and mohawk :) Definitely needed to document this though so we can appreciate how lovely her hair is when it eventually returns!

PS- Baby Boot Camp is proving to be successful! Night #2 included bedtime at 7:30pm, one wake up, sleeping in until 7am, and not much crying. Sweet! Of course Andrew woke up at 12:30am and 4:30am screaming like a psycho... so maybe we'll be having Toddler Boot Camp next ;)


Ashley said...

So funny, she looks like the Donald in that last one! And yet still so so cute!

The Tolberts said...

Sounds like what's been going on at our house lately...only factor in an extra kid:) Why is it that just when you get one kid to cooperate another one decides to revolt? Your kids are adorable though!