Friday, April 1, 2011

Super Duper Friday...

Unless you count the part when Andrew bit his tongue again, fell down and scraped both his knees badly, and then flipped backwards off a swing and hit his head... other than that... the day went pretty well :)

I really enjoy the consistently happy demeanor this little cutie has...

We were all pretty happy this afternoon when we got to meet up with Uncle Scotter who was in town for the day.
Andrew thinks Scotter is pretty much the awesome-est Uncle ever... and likes to copy him.

After some ice cream, dinner at TGI Fridays, and a park trip, we headed to Strike (Bowlmor Lanes) for some swanky bowling. Swanky = rip off... but we still had a good time and Andrew was in heaven. I liked lounging on the soft couches and catching up with Scott & Jess while we played with Caitlin... and attempted to bowl.

Scott rocked out with Caitlin

Wish Uncle Scotter lived closer. He and Jessie made sure that despite his numerous injuries throughout the day... Andrew still had a great time. Poor kid hasn't eaten any real food since Wednesday (when he bit his tongue) and can get super grumpy/moody. He's living on popsicles and drinks.
Notice Andrew's bruised knees too :(
They look worse in person
Loving Uncle Scotter!

Good thing he'll be back again next week so that we won't have to miss him for too long! We definitely are missing "Grandma Tito" though :)
Aunt Jessie saved the day at dinner by teaching Andrew to play Angry Birds and a random bowling iPhone game. She is now the favorite Aunt ;)

This little cutie was so happy and patient and adorable that we barely noticed she was there during dinner. She just smiled, cooed, and then fell fast asleep in my arms.

Once again, the weekend was kicked off with bowling. I kinda hope that doesn't become a Friday tradition... I'm bored of it already :) I have a feeling we'll be playing a lot of games while we watch General Conference this weekend though!!

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Stephanie said...

Strike IS a total ripoff. I can picture the backflip off the swings- my kids have done it many times! Hope he's having a better day. :)