Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Water Fun!

We're loving this week... blue skies, warm weather, and the water features are on at the park now!

We invited the Smiths over to come and check them out.

Andrew & Livvy had fun racing around together and getting nice and wet!

They were such cute little buddies.

Peter & Cate had some quality bonding time as well. Peter (11 months) was fascinated by Caitlin and loved to crawl up to her, climb up by her car seat, and touch her. It is amazing to me that in just few months she'll be sitting up and crawling around just like him. Size wise she already looks like she could be 11 months old :) Chunker!

Candice and I both think that it is so fun that our kids are so close in age: Livvy & Andrew are 2 months apart and Peter & Caitlin are 7 months apart. We are so lucky that we now all live in the East Bay as well. These guys are going to have such a great time playing as they grow up!

I couldn't end a post without a photo of this little sweetheart.

Good thing she is cute because MAN is she LOUD and lately I really need a baby mute button. Call anytime if you want to get a sampling of her out of control squealing. It is 10X louder than the video I posted the other day... and NONSTOP. I am surprised we are not deaf. Fortunately it doesn't bother Andrew and it just reminds him she is there and sends him over to give hugs, kisses, or have a chat in his cute soft voice reserved only for "Baby Caitlin."

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