Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Things I am loving this week...

Yes, I know it is only Tuesday... but last week at this time I wanted to pull my hair out. I have a lot of things to love this week. Here are a few of them...

1. Photo shoots with the crazy little people (PS- wish I had this chair to take pictures in)


2. Cate's becoming a daddy's girl! She finally likes Kevin... a lot! It only took 4 months, but now she doesn't scream bloody murder when he holds her and she'll sometimes even take a bottle from him. 

3. Goofy Easter activities with Andrew- He is one of my favorite friends these days... mostly because I have such a hard time getting out of the house... so instead we stay in and have fun together!

4. Sleep! Sleep training has gone well. This little cutie doesn't need a pacifier, swaddle, or any external crutch (white noise, etc... unlike Andrew)... except her HANDS! We put her to bed, she cries for 2-5 minutes (if at all), finds her hands, and is out! When she wakes up at night, she looks for the hands, finds them, and goes to town. I put her to bed at 8 or 8:30pm along with Andrew and don't feed her until 6am... and then she sleeps in until 8 or 9am. Woohoo! I have my life back! I can stay up till midnight hanging out with Kevin and still get 5-6 hours of sleep each night (as long as crazy Andrew doesn't decide to be evil). Let's hope it continues. I feel like myself again!

Love all 17-18 lbs of chub on this little one. Yes, you heard that right... I think she might weigh 18 lbs. She's like a toddler at 4 1/2 months. :) Must be all those Cadbury mini eggs I'm eating that are going straight to her waistline (not mine!).

5. Catie pie (Andrew's nickname for Cate) is also attempting to sit. It helps that she has all that chub around her waist... it keeps her up for awhile.

6. Drool- it makes me laugh all day long. I find gobs of water all around the house on the wood floor. I start to scold Andrew for bringing a drink out of the kitchen only to discover it is Caitlin drool! Can you see it just pooling on the edge of her chin?

7. Andrew's little friends- I love all of them... especially when they are eating snack and ALL start pound the tables and laughing hysterically at the same time. Since we now have 6 kids (+ Cate) at playgroup, things can get crazy. I reward them for being kind with tiny little treats.

They do such a great job of sharing and then telling me about it. "I gave (whoever)... a piece of my playdough, I am so kind." Love it.

8. Roller girl- Cate can roll from her stomach to her back both directions. She can't roll from her back to her stomach yet, but spends all night trying (which is why half her head is going bald). I finally caught part of her front to back roll on video. I have been trying for over a month.

9. Catie bug's hair- It looks like this minus the beard. I need to start curling the sides. :)

10. Progress! Carpet is going in next week and we are finally getting some furniture for our house. Now if only I could put some more pictures on the wall, it might feel like we didn't just move in!

Hope the week continues to be super. Reading all of these definitely continues to help me have a more positive outlook on life! Plus, I am getting a new niece in 3 weeks (or sooner!). I can't wait!

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