Thursday, April 7, 2011

Neighborhood Girls Night Out!

Remember these awesome girls that I did a Halloween Carnival with earlier this year?

We started a new tradition last week- Neighborhood Girls Night Out!

On Thursday night we ditched the kids with the husbands and hit the town around 7:30pm. We went downtown to try out a "new to us" Italian restaurant- Mangia Mi. Yum! I would definitely recommend it. A little trendy, delicious, and cozy.

I am still dreaming about the entire small pizza I inhaled AND the delicious chocolate lava cake that I ate on top of that (I think being up for 18/24 hrs every day makes me extra hungry) . We chatted for about two hours (without the crazies fighting for our attention)... and then I remembered I had a newborn at home that probably needed me... so we headed home.

What a fun night! Poor Kevin got to enjoy an hour or so of crazy Cate screaming her head off (she's a real mama's girl right now)- such a super husband to take one for the team :)

We will definitely be making Girls Night Out a regular occurrence. How did I get so lucky to have not one, but two, awesome friends right on my street?!

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JerzyGrl said...

Jealous! I remember telling Mom after your baby blessing that I wanted your neighbors to be my friends too. You are definitely lucky!