Friday, June 17, 2011


Before we went to San Diego, our favorite friends Melissa & Jami came to visit from Washington! Melissa and I had a Girls Night Out at Max's Diner where we inhaled way too much dessert and chatted for almost two hours... until the restaurant employees almost had to ask us to leave because the restaurant had been closed for over 45 minutes.

On one of the days they were here we took the little munchkins to Super Franks. The boys bounced around and for the most part didn't cause too much trouble (as long as no one took Andrew's car)...

They rocked out

And pretended to be Fireman Sam (it took Melissa and I awhile to weasel these costumes away from the other kids that were there)

All in all, we had a blast running around after the boys and catching up with one another. It was fun to see the little guys goofing around together again.

Cate just chilled and had fun napping and smiling at Melissa.

We can't wait till our buds come back again to visit!

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