Monday, June 27, 2011

Slip N Slide!

On Saturday afternoon we went to a BBQ at a beautiful home in downtown Palo Alto and met up with a bunch of Googlers and their families... who are all also LDS. It was fun chatting with everyone, eating good food, and just hanging out. I even got to visit with my old roommate Stephanie a bit since her husband just started working at Google a few months ago. It has maybe been 6 or 7 years since we last hung out, so it was fun to introduce our kids to one another.

There was a trampoline, slip N slide, and baby pool set up for the kids. The trampoline was filled to the max and since Andrew's no dummy, he headed out to the water area that was empty (mind you it was pretty cold on Saturday afternoon... especially in the shade)... and figured out how to work the slip N slide.

I lounged on a chair while I watched him play and just enjoyed the time to relax.

After awhile, some of the other boys discovered us in the front yard and Andrew had fun slipping and sliding with the other kids. It was his first time doing it and he LOVED it. He had begged me for a slip N slide at Target the week before and I told him that maybe we could get one when he was bigger (since I didn't think he'd like it very much), but we might be heading back to Target later this week.

It was a hit! Kevin grabbed some video of him as well... since I couldn't find my camera. He slid even further when the other kids weren't there... but then all of a sudden got kinda shy when they came around. It was a new thing for us to see. :) Since when is our little guy shy?

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