Sunday, July 24, 2011

Purple Pom Poms and Cake Bites

During our trip to Utah, I helped host a little dessert night to celebrate the arrival of baby Olivia. My mom was the super hostess... and then Cat, Jessie, and I helped out. 

I totally dropped the ball on getting pictures during the actual party... so these are just a few I snapped before Andrew and Cate started being demanding and I had to stop helping with the party set up for a bit.

Our favorite treats of the night were the cake bites from the Sweet Tooth Fairy. Mmm! We also had the cherub cake from The Chocolate cafe in Orem, NY cheesecake and a brownie trifle (both homemade by my mom), and several appetizers. There was way too much good food. I had several platefuls.

The goal of the night was to relax, eat treats, and have a small intimate gathering with close girlfriends, sisters, and cousins. We wanted to pamper the current and future moms... so we also had a pampering station.

Everyone got to take a bucket of pampering products home with them when they left. I might have taken a few of the extra Bath and Body Works hand sanitizers ;) My mom sure knows how to throw a party!

The guest of honor- Olivia- joined us after some napping. She is such a cutie!

Some generous friends gave Elise a few beautiful children's books and fashionable clothing items. After all, Olivia is going to have to try hard to keep up with her already stylish sister Madeline ;)

Before everyone left, they each wrote down a cute tradition that they have with their moms to share with Elise. They hung their cards on my mom's little tree. Hopefully Elise will share all of the tips that she got!

Once my little kiddos finally went to sleep, I managed to snap a few pictures of the last remaining guests- cousins and sisters (plus mom... who looks like a sister)! 


Party hostesses and Elise

This little girl is so lucky to have such an awesome mom! Congrats again Elise and Dan on the arrival of such an adorable little cutie.

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