Friday, July 8, 2011

Seattle in pictures- overload style

Before we head off on our next trip, I thought I'd better attempt to catch up from our last one. Seattle! Since we were already in Washington last weekend, we decided to stick around and spend the 4th of July up in Seattle.

Our first stop was the Waterfront for dinner at Ivars. Nothing beats fish n chips... or at least chips :)

Andrew practiced his "why so serious" Joker face

Catiebug was bummed she couldn't eat any chips... but made do by playing with the table.

After a trip to Ye Olde Curiosity Shoppe (weirdest store ever with such creepy things!)... we headed to Steamers for ice cream sundaes. They loaded us up with tons of hot fudge... so we were big fans!

Then we said goodbye to Cat & Scott and they headed home.

But not before Andrew gave everyone some tuba kisses. :)

These two are so adorable together.

We checked into our hotel right on the Puget Sound in Elliott Bay and managed to get some sleep. I could NOT get over how late it stayed light at night. Crazy!

On the 4th we got all dolled up... and hit the town... but not before we got a few photos in. Check out Miss Chubster's thighs :) They are just screaming to be pinched all the time!

We met up with the Caffees and started the trek uphill to the Seattle Space Needle. The hills in Seattle are pretty intense... especially when you're pushing a boat of a double stroller.

Our next stop was the monorail over to Pike Place Market

The chaos was a bit much for me... but I loved all the colors! I am not much of a risk taker, but enjoyed watching Dan & Kevin & Maddie sample some new things.

Andrew had to have a corn dog so that he could be like Maddie (who had a hot dog).

Catiebug slept through most of the market visit. Gotta love this girl... she'll sleep everywhere... and then always wakes up happy!

We also visited Mrs. Fields a few times on the 4th and played in the fountain at the Westlake Center. It is awesome.... it is like walking behind or between a waterfall.

Then we gave in to Andrew's demands and hopped back on the monorail and back over to the Seattle Space Needle. His only request was to take the elevator to the top.

Cate & I shopped and hung out while the boys headed up to the top

Like I said at the top of this post... wow, we took tons of pictures :)

Andrew loves volcanoes... so he was absolutely smitten by Mt. Rainier and pointed it out to everyone. He was REALLY hoping it would erupt while we were in town. :)

Our next stop was the International Fountain... it was beautiful and amazing. The perfect place to hang out on a hot day!

Cate napped and then played with me, while the boys hung out in the water.

Andrew would freak out when the steam came out and thought the firemen needed to come

If I lived in Seattle I would be here every day all summer long.

After we thoroughly exhausted ourselves and then walked halfway around the city to find food, we FINALLY had dinner. Dan found a great pizza place called Zeeks. They gave the kids pizza dough to play with. We never heard from Andrew the rest of dinner. Cate was even content- chewing on a big breadstick. :) We inhaled the pizza. It was really good. So was the ginormous pitcher of diet Coke.

After that, we went back to the Space Needle for more photos and exploring. Dan & Maddie headed up to the top for a quick trip.


We managed to get Elise to snap a decent family photo... with almost everyone looking at the camera and smiling.

Next we trekked back down to the waterfront for more ice cream sundaes at Steamers and some running around (to exhaust everyone... especially the toddlers)... and more hill walking.

The ice cream was better the 2nd night. The kid working there gave us more fudge than I could eat (which is impressive).

Andrew had opted not to eat dinner, so the poor kid sat watching Maddie chow down on her ice cream and got none. The next day when we told him it was time to eat HE ATE!

We ended the day with the hunt for fireworks! We knew where they were... and just had to get there. After a quick monorail trip and more walking, we found them!

Cate & Olivia both stayed awake for their first fireworks shows... and so did Andrew & Maddie. I lvoed cuddling with my little cutie. She just sucked her thumb, lied on me, and watched the fireworks in awe.

After a 15 minute walk, we finally made it back to our hotels!! Man, I am exhausted just looking at pictures from this day in Seattle! My body was so sore the next day... and I didn't even mention that Elise and I had gone running earlier in the morning along the waterfront.

The kiddos slept in the next day and totally let us relax! I think they are still recovering from the trip.

I'll post about our final day in Seattle tomorrow! I am exhausted!! I need a vacation from our vacation!

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