Friday, July 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

We arrived in Utah last Tuesday... just in time for Grandpa's birthday on Thursday (Bastille Day!)! We started off the day with a trip to McD's for hot cakes! Grandpa and Andrew's favorite breakfast.

Goofy guys

Catiebug was pretty stoked to get to tag along

After breakfast and a trip to the park, Elise, Maddie, and Olivia came down and we went swimming! Hurray! No pictures. Wrangling all the kiddos and making sure they were sunblocked and didn't drown was challenging enough. :)

I think Andrew also got to go on a ride to Will's Pit Stop with Grandpa to get a slurpee. Grandpa sure knows how to have a fun birthday. :)

We had his birthday dinner at Fuddruckers where we ate milkshakes and way too many fries... and then we came home for some birthday cake (courtesy of Aunt Wendy)!

Happy Birthday Grandpa/Dad!

The little guys definitely saved room for cake (though their moms did not)...

and then helped Grandpa try out all of his presents (many of which were mostly for them anyway :)) This putting game was Andrew's favorite.

I think Maddie liked the cate better. 

When I asked my dad what he wanted to do for his birthday, all he really wanted was to do were things that the little guys liked. I think they're big fans of Grandpa's birthday now :)

When we were little, my dad would always tell us that the family rules were, "no laughing, no smiling, and no having fun!" ;) I think we disobeyed all of them on his birthday!

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