Tuesday, July 26, 2011


We are having a dinosaur and volcano themed week over here... so Cat & Scott's Christmas presents (dino robe and slippers) are coming in handy.

There's been a lot of roaring!!

Mostly from this crazy kid. Although Cate decided to scream most of the day too (and it was less cute)... I think she might be competitive already? ;)

Andrew is seriously my best little buddy.

Kevin has been getting home from work later than normal, so Andrew and I stayed up last night and made volcano treats and waited for him to get home.

We has the best time. The kid cracks me up. I have never seen someone so excited about mixing frosting EVER. 

I also love how he randomly says things like, "I really love Caitlin" and then smacks her in the head with a fly swatter a few minutes later... and thinks she thinks it was funny??  Crying does not equal laughing.

I am also loving his questioning phase. Though I also wish there was a mute option that came with it.

"Mom, what does eruption mean?" "When does the magma turn into lava?" "What causes an eruption?" "Where does the pressure come from?"

Seriously? Do I look like a scientist? 

I am also such a bad mom. 

Me: "No, we can't watch the National Geographic documentary on volcanoes again! It is so boring! Can we please watch Fireman Sam or Super Why?"

Can I make him stop growing now? There's a reason why I only taught up till 3rd grade. :) I don't want my kids to know I'm not actually smart... already. It's too soon. 

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