Saturday, July 23, 2011

Best Money We've Spent all Summer

I don't have any pictures of our trips to the pool... other than when we are coming or leaving... because my hands are full of Catiebug when we are actually in the pool. Yesterday afternoon we had an awesome trip to the pool (after the fruitless 45 min search for my car keys, grrr). Andrew spent the entire time jumping off the side in the 3.5 ft area and either swimming back to the wall or swimming to the stairs. 

The private month or two of MWF swimming sessions are finally paying off! I think my goal of going to the pool every day over the past several weeks has also helped. I love that Andrew's swim coach trained him to swim back to the wall and not to me. It is so nice not to have two kiddos hanging all over me. Cate and I have so much fun bouncing and splashing while Andrew swims and jumps.

I am tempted to sign him up for one or two more sessions of lessons before the end of the summer... but I'm not sure if my nerves can handle the crying/whining during the last part of each lesson.

If you've ever been annoyed at the kid whose crying is disrupting your silent child's swimming lesson... just be grateful you're not his mom. Swimming lessons have definitely taught me not to judge other parents or kids. :)

So excited to be home now to enjoy a month of lounging at the pool (if that's possible with kids), sipping sodas, eating ice cream, and spending some afternoons attending Camp Mom! :) Hooray for summer!

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