Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Camp Craziness!

Andrew was at camps all day today. His gymnastic camp is themed around cars, trucks, and trains this week... so he is in heaven (or was, after a brief meltdown when I left... screaming: "don't leave me mom!").

In the afternoon some adorable girls from church put on a Summer Days camp for two hours. Several of his friends went with him... and he loved it (after another brief meltdown screaming again...). What a fun new trend as we approach the start of preschool :) 

He made a t-shirt and necklace at the afternoon camp. He gets to go every afternoon all week long. Lucky duck! Especially because it falls right during Cate's naptime. I am enjoying my relaxing time too.

His favorite project was the hair clip he made for Cate. See... he is modeling how it works here...

To me, it looks like a bracelet :) But he is adamant it is a hair clip for Cate. What a sweet brother.

After that fun camp, the local Bahai youth group did a free "camp" at our neighborhood park. Andrew & I went over in our swim gear (which is one of the reasons I look terrible in this picture- and because I didn't shower today because I was enjoying my free time too much)... and hung out with neighbors, did crafts, and ran around with the youth. One of the youth played chase and rode bikes with Andrew for 30 minutes. Hopefully that helps him sleep well tonight.

(Andrew took this photo at the Bahai camp- he is getting good at aiming at his subject: me & Cate)

After all the camps, we "lounged" at the pool... and then walked home and had our evening cooking fun together. 

We celebrated with mint ice cream pie when Kevin walked in the door  at 7:30pm from his 3 day business trip to Atlanta! Hurray! Everyone is glad that he is home!

It was a sweet day... and tomorrow will be even busier and more fun!

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Chrissie said...

Busy, busy, busy! How sweet of Andrew to make a "barrette" for Cate! :)