Sunday, August 7, 2011

What have we been up to this week?

Zoning out on movies with friends :)

Having jam sessions

Racing marbles

Trying out new accessories (yes, to Andrew, a pencil is an accessory)

Camp Mom: Car Camp! with the Balenas

Organizing all the toys in our house

Wearing piggies

Learning to use a sippy cup

Drawing volcanoes... and talking about them... and watching this documentary about Mt. St Helens (again and again)

Eating... lots of eating

Especially by this little cutie

Although she won't be going OUT to eat again with us anytime soon-- she's crazy!

(We hit up three of my favorite restaurants this week: Amicis (with Jessie & Cat), Osha Thai (for our Saturday Family Date), and Poor House Bistro (with Ashley and Baby Jack).)

Hanging out in SF

Practicing standing up

Eating toys

Looking cute
(adorable outfit was a gift from one of my fabulous neighbors)

and making messes!

We ended the weekend with a Neighborhood potluck on our front lawn organized by my neighbor Sahar. Four families came and the kiddos ran around while the adults chatted. I snapped zero pictures because my children decided to act possessed all evening and I was a little occupied. I did find time to gorge myself on good food... and so did Caitlin. She managed to sample every item at the buffet as she attacked plates when we'd turn out heads for a second. Her favorites were the ice cream pie and lazy day lasagna that I made... though the leaves on the grass were a close second.

My little babe is 100% into everything... and it is only going to get worse. :)

Last week was great. The only really negative moment was when Kevin rollerbladed to the pool in the dark to get the phone I left there and ate it on the way home. He found my phone... but also had some bonding with the pavement. The poor guy is still recovering. I'm counting on this next week being more awesome than last week... other than the shots Cate will be getting at her doctor's appointment tomorrow. There is too much fun to still be had with the little time left in the summer. We plan to take advantage of every minute! 

Hope you had a great week/weekend too. Happy Sunday!

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