Saturday, August 20, 2011

Studio Grow

Cate's little buddy Beezie came up to visit this week. The girls are about 2 months apart. We had to show her a good time, so we took her to one of our favorite places at Blackhawk- Studio Grow

Cate practiced standing

and watched as Beezie zoomed past her

Cate made the loudest squawking sounds when B would crawl by. I think she was grumpy that she couldn't move that fast.    

Andrew kept himself busy for a long time with the volcanoes and dinosaurs... which Cate liked to try and eat if Andrew didn't snatch them away quick enough.

The girls made friends and played with magnets

I totally want to make one of these magnet areas for my house.

(new friend)

Cate tried to swipe a few toys when no one was watching

Her favorite new thing is to slap tables and make loud sounds 

Andrew attempted to put on a puppet show for the girls... but they weren't too into it

After playtime, we wrangled up the kids and headed off to lunch. Cate liked trying to steal B's food. They both always want what the other one has. :) They also LOVE dropping food and making big messes underneath tables!

Andrew silently inhaled his ice cream and hot dog at his own special tables and then went off to make friends at the playground.

Kaari and I (and the girls) ate, chased ducks (or at least watched Andrew do it), looked at the water, and then went back to play at Studio Grow for a little longer.

We were exhausted when we left to go home! Andrew was annoyed the whole drive back to our house that Beezie wasn't coming back to play with our toys. He thought it was so fun to show her around and have her follow him places.

We will definitely need to play again soon!

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