Monday, December 5, 2011

Catie's Mommy and Me Birthday Luncheon

(I deleted any address info, so the invite looks a little off)

Alright... well maybe the party was more for me than her, but I think she had a pretty good time too :)

It was fun to put up a photo banner with pics from each month all year long and see how much she has changed!

Since Catie's birthday is in December, I thought it would be fun to have a little Christmas luncheon with a few of my friends who also have kids that are close in age. We sent Andrew and Kev off to a preschool event and Super Franks, and had fun spending the afternoon with friends!

The babies had some extra special things set up for them to explore and play with...

And I got to use all of my Christmas dishes! (I am still hand-washing them all... but it was worth it)

The babies played and ate and the moms chatted, ate, and kept the kids from attacking one another. It was a lot of fun.

Kaari stepped in as master bubble woman and I was so grateful. I can't blow bubbles (even easy ones) to save my life.

We sang "Happy Birthday" and had yummy ice cream cake. My goal is to make Catie like all of my favorite treats so that we can have a giant birth month from Nov 23-onward till Christmas celebrating :)

Friends came from close by and a few trekked across the bay. I managed to only snap photos of Liz and Henry though. Catie LOVES Baby Henry!

I had fun decorating for the party and think that we're going to keep the red and green polka dot garlands and birthday banner up all month long. Every time I see the birthday banner it reminds me that December is also a time to celebrate Jesus' birthday.

We did salads from CPK for the moms and the babies got to eat Catie's favorite baby snacks.

In addition to ice cream cake we also had a few other December favs- peppermint brownie bites and Mrs. Fields nibblers (which I like ALL year long).

The best part of the weekend was that Elise and Baby Olivia were able to come for the Mommy and Me fun! Catie and Olivia are going to be such adorable buddies when they are older. They already just get so excited when they see each other!

We sent guests home with our favorite bubbles and spent the afternoon after they left openings adorable gifts. Catie has so many generous friends!

It was so nice to celebrate this little one who has filled our year with joy!

Stay tuned for more birthday fun when I have time to post later today... the little cutie partied from Thursday to Sunday! I am still recovering... and so is my house. Instead of doing dishes, I am blogging. :)


Lopez Family said...

yay! what a cute birthday party...

Ashley said...

You know how to throw a party! We share all the same taste in food. You had me at CPK salads. Love the month by month banner idea too. And how fun that it was nice for the moms too and not just chasing after big kids the whole time!

jocie said...

happy birthday catie!