Thursday, December 15, 2011

Holiday Fun- Zoo Lights

Last year I think I felt like I had something to prove to myself... so we were going going going ALL month long! Cate was a super easy baby and I had tons of energy and really felt stir-crazy and wanted to be out doing things... so we did! 

This December I have felt like much more of a homebody and really haven't cared to venture out much for festive activities. Maybe it's the enormous piles of laundry that are always piling up that are tiring me out? Or the fact that I look at the piles more often than I do something about them? :) 

Either way, our trip to Oakland Zoo Lights last year was one of our favorites... so we had to go again. It was freezing cold, so I loved whipping out the kid's new heavy duty winter coats for the evening.

We played on the little children's zoo playgrounds, checked out some of the exhibits, watched the lights show, and then headed over to ride rides.

The little guys rode around and around while some of the adults waited in the ginormous line for the train. Two other families joined us for the evening and my favorite moment of the night was when all five little kids were running up a hill hand in hand giggling.

We managed to get a family picture where all four of us were looking at the camera... which is a pretty amazing feat. It is fun to look back at the pictures from our trip last year to see how things have changed since then. This year I definitely dressed warmer! :)

Unfortunately we had a very overtired one year old, so we had to scrap our trip to Fentons (we'll have to go back another day soon!)... and instead we headed home to put the kiddos to bed and then drink our own peppermint hot cocoa and bask in the warmth of our house.

What a chilly, but fun night!

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