Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Hogle Zoo Lights!

On Monday night we all met up with the Caffees at the Hogle Zoo Lights! (Mom, dad, Jess, our family + Caffees)

We are totally California cold wimps now. I seriously thought I was going to die it was so cold. You never would've known that I grew up in the freezing Northeast. I also somehow thought that wearing flats with no socks was a bright idea. 

Elise brought cake bites from Sweet Tooth Fairy that cheered me up a bit. We drank hot cocoa, ate pretzels, and even rode the carousel.

Andrew finally was happy for a few minutes when a group of 8-10 yr old girls mauled him as he tried to board the carousel. Kevin was playing around with my camera and managed to snap a picture of me as I totally reamed them. I got really mad and made them get off the ride. Their rude mother didn't even make them say sorry.

Andrew was so upset that Kevin just ended up taking him back to the car while the rest of us explored the zoo for another 30 minutes. The only smiling picture we got of him was in his parka once he was back in the car.

We really wanted to go to Hatch Family Chocolates for hot cocoa, but it was closed :( so we headed to Leatherbys instead and got ginormous sundaes while the kids ran around in the empty restaurant. It was fabulous and yummy.

A great end to a cold evening!! :)

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Ashley said...

Love this post! I always DIE in the Utah cold now--nevermind that I lived there for 24 years. And the shoe thing is so tricky. You need different footwear for the Utah winters and I just don't own it, so I too end up sockless in ballet flats in the snow and it's no good. Love that you reamed out those girls--a mama bear's gotta do!