Friday, December 9, 2011


Kevin and Andrew got our tree all set up tonight while I arranged our nativity set on my pretty new sideboard. It is so nice not to have it all squished together on our piano!

Aren't they such cuties?

We also had a bit of fun goofing around and then got the little man to bed way too late! He is an expert at slyly not getting to bed.

I am excited to get some ornaments on the tree tomorrow... hopefully? If there is time? I don't know where my time goes these days... but I seem to have none.

My favorite part of Christmas at my house is adding the lighted garlands (is that grammatically correct? lit garlands?)... I love my white stairs with garlands. Now I just need to add the bows.

I am hoping we are finally decorated by Christmas. It has been slow going this year...

Can't wait to see Cate's reaction to the tree tomorrow. I hope she doesn't knock it over. Today she discovered my apothecary jar full of Hershey's kisses that was a little too low on the shelf and now it is broken. :( I had to eat all of the Hershey kisses too. It was a rough night :)

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