Saturday, December 10, 2011

Google PSO Holiday Party 2011

Last year I didn't get to go to the Google PSO Holiday Party because I had just had Caitlin... so this year I was super excited to go. 

Last night we trekked into SF to party. The event was held at the San Francisco Design Center and was beautiful. They had these acrobats hanging from huge white drapery things doing all sorts of twists and turns. It reminded me of Cirque du Soleil. Everything was decorated in white and sparkles and they even had a screen that was showing digital snow... so I felt like I was part of a winter wonderland.

My favorite part about Google parties is the food. Last night did not disappoint... though I realized I didn't snap any pictures. 

They had several food stations (1-2 on each floor) and then people walking around with food on trays too. I don't think I managed to try everything, but what I did try was really good.

My favorite station was the Asian station- chow main cooked in a big wok right in front of us, chicken on little skewers, lettuce wraps, and several other little appetizers similar to spring rolls. The chow mein was served in mini Chinese take-out containers... and I went back several times to get more. Yum!

They also had a tapas station, a Latin station, and of course, a dessert station... in addition to a bar on each of the four floors. Kevin loved the mini sliders. The dessert station had Cheescake cake pops and different flavored little cookie dough balls... among other things. Mmm!

They also had photo booths with different crazy hats all over the building... so we got a few pictures.

I went home full and had a great time talking with Kevin's work friends and their wives. 

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Chrissie said...

Awesome! How can Sevak get a job at Google? ;)