Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Smithkirk Christmas Eve

I have like 1,000 pictures from Christmas Eve... but don't worry, I am only going to post maybe 30 of them on here  :) I just wanted to capture every moment... and I am so glad that I got so many pictures since I was sick again on Christmas and didn't get nearly enough that day! 

We spent the evening playing and watching the babies interact. Maddie and Andrew made some foam sticker gingerbread houses.

Elise made us all yummy toffee and I helped sample a lot of it!

Andrew and Maddie played dress up for hours as Mary and Joseph. 

Maddie took her role very seriously and looked adorable. 

Caitlin was feeling under the weather all day (come to find out today that in addition to being sick she was cutting 4 new teeth too- including some molars- NO WONDER she was such a grump!). She watched a lot of Baby Einstein on daddy's lap.

We briefly re-enacted the first Christmas and talked about the birth of Jesus.  

The Sub for Santa Crew got decked out in their disguises and headed off to do some delivering... along with checking out some neighborhood holiday lights.

Had to swing by this tasteful display too ;) 

When we got home we whipped out the goodies!

The kids watched Frosty and the adults chowed down.

We celebrated and toasted to our health and happiness (at least the health we had for a few more hours...)

Then I attempted to snap some cute pj photos (if you saw this last post then you know how that turned out)... so instead I got these weird poses of Andrew.

??? Stick em up?

Kevin and I ended the night by finishing up a few last minute "Santa" duties before heading to bed before midnight. 

I loved every minute of the night... especially how cute Maddie and Andrew were. I am so grateful we were able to have all the little kiddos together for Christmas this year. 

Merry Christmas Eve!

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