Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Second Christmas

On Tuesday we whipped out Kevin's favorite Christmas present (besides the new car he'll be getting sometime in 2012)...and made breakfast! 

They looked prettier than they tasted (at least that's what Kevin tells me... I don't waste calories on treats that don't have real chocolate). Didn't I do a nice job frosting them? :)

After breakfast we got ready and spent the day at Shari's celebrating Christmas once again with the Johnsons! This photo shows how I found the guys in the late afternoon- all upstairs sitting around 2 phones/iPod touches playing games :)

We played games, opened presents, and ate lots of good food- especially lots of treats.

Catie's favorite treat was found in this little box. It especially came in handy when she fell and hit her heard and got a big bump! Peppermint Bark heals all wounds.

This little one also got loads of attentions and tickles. I just love her!

I don't think it is possible for her to get any cuter right now. I especially love how she now says "Mama" and how it is one of the only things she likes to say sometimes. She just roams around calling for "mama." LOVE it!

She also got loads of cuddles and tickles from Aunt Shauna.

What a lovely relaxing family-filled day!

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