Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Eve with the Buskirks

We arrived in Utah on Friday evening. The flight was uneventful, other than a 40 minute delay. Lugging enormous quantities of bags, carseats, etc. across the airport was entertaining with 2 kids in tow that also wanted to be held... but we survived and had a good laugh. 

Saturday morning (Christmas Eve), I woke up feeling 100% better (a Christmas miracle, I thought) and Caitlin unfortunately woke up feeling 100% worse (lame-o). But we had people to see and things to do, so she cheered up and came along for the ride.

Saturday afternoon was spent having lunch with Shari and the Buskirk family (Allen, Liesl and girls)!

Dinner looked beautiful and was delish. It was the first meal I'd had in 3 days, so I was famished.

The treats were amazing too. I love Shari's mint brownies and other goodies!!

Catie was a big fan of the ice cream... and chocolate brownies. 

The kiddos were darling. I totally forgot to snap a photo, but Andrew and Leah had the best time at their own kiddie table. They are such sweet little buddies.

After food, it was time for presents.

Andrew was especially excited about his "Buskirk Fire and Rescue" t-shirt made using one of the pics we took in Buskirk, NY earlier this year! Great present Shari!

The kids played with new toys, the adults got to hang out and chat, and Sarah and Ella performed for us a bit on the piano. We had a great afternoon.

When the kids started melting down (mainly Cate), we knew the day had been a success!

Hooray for a great Christmas Eve afternoon!

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