Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Camera Fun

I had a lot of fun playing around with my camera this morning. This picture of my angel is a favorite. I don't know anything about photography, but I think it looks cool.

I also made Kevin and the kiddos pose for me a bit before church. Let's just say the experience wasn't me at my finest... and my kids (and mostly Kevin) are probably going to start screaming when I take out the camera in the future.

Despite me being a terrible photographer, we managed to snap some fun pictures. I love Cate in this one... just hate my brush lying on the floor in the background. Grr.

I love love love the pics of Kevin with Catie... even though she wouldn't look at me :)

This sneaky little devil kept sneaking over to the Christmas tree and trying to take down some of the ornaments. I snapped a picture of her in the act. I love the sneaky face.

I love this pic too because it is of Catie looking up at Kevin as he went upstairs to get something. She kept grunting and saying, "dada." I think it is fabulous that she loves him so much!

Then I managed to snap some pics of Mr. Funny man who jumps when I say "stand still" and falls on the floor when I say "freeze." What a character!

Such an adorable photo idea... that will work much better when they are older... in this case, him hugging her led to a chokehold followed by a tackle where we had some screaming.

That was when we called it quits on the photo shoot. :)

I also snapped some pics of our weekend creations- Snow Villages! We are part of a blogger Creative Christmas Countdown with 23 other bloggers and this was our Day 19 activity that we are sharing today.  We made a block snow village and a crispy treat snow village. We will definitely be doing both again... especially the crispy treat village. Yum!

Now it is past midnight and I still have lots to do tonight, but I figured some of my blog readers that don't check Facebook (Shari :)) might like to see these cute pics... especially the ones of Cate and Kevin.



Liz said...

Those pictures of Kevin and Cate are frame worthy!! So precious!

And you're NOT a terrible photographer. Your pictures looks great!

I also love the rice krispie gingerbread houses. A great idea to *pin* for next year. :)

Sara said...

Yes seriously...not a bad photography at all. You gotta give yourself some credit. I have to say that the pictures looked really crisp and accomplishing that indoors is no easy feat! What kind of camera do you have? Keep it up and remember that practice, practice, practice! Your family will love that you take pictures...maybe not in the moment but definitely later on!

Ashley said...

Gotta love the wee hours of the morning in the nights before Christmas! I wonder if all moms do this or just us crazy ones.