Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Kevin's Birthday!

Today was Kevin's birthday. I believe in the concept of a "birth month," so we just got started with the celebrating today... there is more to come!

First, the kids and I trekked down to Mountain View to pick Kevin up at Google and head over to one of our favorite Indian restaurants- Shivas. They have a delicious lunch buffet and we went to town. I loved that they just kept bringing baskets and baskets of naan. Jessie also joined us for lunch and helped us keep the kids entertained while all three of us scarfed down our food and chatted a bit.

Next, the kids and I ventured up to Sibby's cupcakery in San Mateo to grab Kevin a birthday surprise on our way home. I have been hearing about these cupcakes from Kevin for years, but have never had a moment to go up  there. 

They gave me a variety of flavors and they were delish! I especially loved the red velvet ones.

We grabbed some balloons for Kevin at the store (another birthday sacrifice since Catie decided to scream at super high frequencies all afternoon- especially in stores- even though we actually managed to get her home in time for a nap).... and Andrew also made Kevin a b-day card (I did not do that stellar of a job with the letter writing... but oh well)

I put Catie to bed at her usual 5:30pm time, but somehow we managed to disturb her around 6:30 (she must've known she was going to miss the b-day party), so we let her come down and join us for some cupcakes before we put her back to bed.

We have got one enormous messy chocoholic over here

Andrew was so excited about the cupcakes that he tried to give me the biggest smile ever... all that concentration = closed eyes :)

Kevin's birthday was awesome. His favorite present was his new car that he bought himself a month or so ago... it will also make a great Father's Day and Christmas present next year too :) One of these days I will manage to snap a photo of it. 

Happy Birthday to my favorite friend and our favorite dad on the planet!


jocie said...

Happy Birthday Kevin!

Liz said...

Happy belated b-day, Kevin!

I might just have to head up to Sibby's! I like the mini cupcake option.