Monday, February 27, 2012

Oscar Night 2012

My neighbor Kara hosted an Oscar Pre-Party this weekend. It was a chance for guests to dress up, chat, and critique the red carpet fashion along with the rest of the crew from E! :)

Several guests dressed up in old bridesmaid dresses, cocktail gowns, and other fun outfits. I was too exhausted from the weekend of partying to attempt to even look for a dress. I brought along a pink boa... but it only lasted on for about 5 minutes and then the itchiness was killing me!

Kara had a great spread of treats and drinks and was the perfect hostess.

Here she is announcing the nomination categories... Best dress, Best accessories, Best hair.

Kara's friend Jill won best dressed for her stylish heirloom dress she inherited from her grandmother. She was pretty stoked that Gwyneth Paltrow was also sporting a cape at the Oscars yesterday :)

It was fun to chat with Kara's friends, get to know new people, and check out all the crazy Oscar fashion.

After the pre-party, I headed home to watch portions of the Oscars with Kevin and Andrew and play with lots of his birthday presents.

Next year I will totally need to be less lame and actually wear an Oscar worthy dress.

Thanks Kara for such a fun afternoon!

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