Sunday, February 12, 2012

Friday Valentines Fun

and other Valentinesy fun...

We hosted our first couples Valentine's Day Party this weekend. This little dude was my super helper... and especially loved "helping" frost the cake (meaning, lick the bowl and knife after I was done).  

On Friday afternoon I was thinking I might be throwing the party by myself (since Kevin was delayed on his flight home from Kentucky)... but all prayers were answered and he arrived home 15 minutes before the party started. Hurray! Throwing a party with eleven couples plus me might have been a bit of a bummer, though I had resigned to make it fun whether or not Kevin made it.

We had loads of treats and goodies and each guest brought either an appetizer or a dessert. I restrained myself and only made a chocolate cake and bean dip appetizer (usually for parties I make 4-5 things). I also grab some festive Mrs. Fields cookies. :)

Kim and Jules sent along a little Valentine's Day gift that we snacked on too... "we" meaning me and Kevin while we cleaned up. Yum!

Every time I make a bundt cake I just never quite know if the frosting is going to look good. This cake turned out really pretty though and I love my new cake stand from my mom. I don't think you can ever have too many cake stands (this is maybe my 6th?)... and this one is especially adorable.

I fully support women buying flowers for themselves. Fresh flowers just make me happy. There were so many gorgeous flowers at the store, but I loved this bouquet the best. Kevin always gets me some for our anniversary or Valentine's Day (next week), so I figured these could fill in until then ;)

(table before all the other food arrived)

The party was a smashing success. We laughed because for the first hour we felt like we were back in middle school with the boys in one part of the house and the girls in the other... but then we mixed things up a bit. I snapped photos of anyone who wanted couples pictures in our makeshift photo booth...

and we played an intense version of the Newlywed game. Can you feel the concentration?

These four lucky volunteers got to play while the rest of us cheered them on and attempted to answer questions ourselves. The game was seriously hysterical. It was fun to learn some new things about everyone- and get to know some newer friends better.

Cara was the mastermind behind the game and helped co-host the party with me. She is fabulous!

I definitely want to make this party an annual tradition... I am so grateful for the inspiration from creative party hostess Hayley. We used to go to her V-day party every year when we lived in the South Bay, so now we're spreading the love to the East Bay. :)

The best part of the party was that our kids went to sleep, we were insanely loud for almost three hours, and they NEVER bothered us. That was unexpected and awesome.

Our Friday night party was only the beginning of the weekend party festivities. I am exhausted and will blog about all the other fun events later this weekend/week.

Off to go eat some more leftover chocolate cake!

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