Saturday, February 4, 2012

Kids are spilling out into the streets

I am living the dream.

You know, the dream where you live in a neighborhood filled with little kids that are the same age as your kids and you love to play together all the time and the moms like each other and the dads like each other....

Yes. I am seriously living my dream. Love it!

On Thursday and Friday afternoons around 4:15pm we start hearing little voices in the streets and bicycles start flying past the front window... Cate and Andrew look outside, see their friends, and then run to get their shoes right away!

Our newest neighbors (that replaced the crazy teenagers that let their dogs go to the bathroom on our lawn 24/7)... have a son close to Catie's age and a son close to Andrew's age. Catie and G are the most adorable little buds. Today G brought Catie a flower. They follow each other around, chase cats together, and occasionally fight over toys together. 


They are absolutely precious... and G has the sweetest smile EVER.

Andrew and D are super buds/enemies (depending on the day). They know how to push each others buttons and it is so funny. D's smile in this picture is so cute. Love him!

This afternoon as all of the kids started flooding outside we had eight kids running and playing while the moms just stood in the street blocking traffic and gabbing... and a few of the dads caught up at the other end of the cul-de-sac.

Yesterday afternoon the kids ran from house to house and eventually Stefanie and I wound up outside alone and all the kids had headed into her house to play... so we went inside for a little impromptu playdate/mom chat fest. It saved my sanity. Yesterday was a long day.

Seeing these kiddos play and getting to hang out with so many awesome moms pretty much almost every day (even if it is just a quick chat from the car window as we're going/coming)... has literally saved my life this week... month... year.

I love that my kiddos are having such amazing opportunities to build close friendships and I am seriously blessed daily by the examples and friendship of the super moms on our block.

Tomorrow afternoon we have our quarterly potluck, organized by my neighbor Sahar... and then in a few weeks Kara is throwing an Oscar Party. Now I just need to find the perfect dress (in my closet) so that I can win one of the prizes. ;)

We keep saying that no one is ever allowed to move... but I know life doesn't work that way, so I am cherishing every minute!! Hopefully I'm successfully able to bribe all the kids to pose for a neighborhood kid picture tomorrow to document their cuteness. :) Wish me luck!

PS- there's a rumor that one of the older couples in the court might be moving... you know you all want to come be my neighbor... I'll keep you posted if it is true :)


Liz said...

So fun!! I want to know if the old couple moves out!

Lopez Family said...

aww seriously this looks like such a FUN neighborhood...when we buy a house...i want that same dream!! and living it up of course!!!

Chrissie said...

Yes, do let us know if the older couple moves! I'm not sure if we're quite ready to buy a home yet, but one can always dream, right? I have always loved that your neighborhood is so close-knit.