Saturday, February 25, 2012

Andrew's Lego Birthday Party!

Andrew turned 4 today. He was sooo excited! When we talked about birthday parties he told me he wanted to have a Lego volcano fireman party. It was tricky to combine all three ideas... so I started with just the Lego one. I've been collecting Lego ideas on a birthday pinterest board for awhile. I'm a procrastinator though, so the party mostly came together on Wednesday and Thursday night this week. Thank goodness for awesome creative people on the internet!

I even procrastinated sending out the actual invite... so people just got this jpg in an email. I had grand ideas of giving each kid a little Lego puzzle to use to put together their own invite... but sometimes simple things still turn out ok.

I am anti large kid parties now. I used to love them. Catie can't handle them and Andrew gets crazy at them... Basically I feel like they turn into chaotic events where moms ignore their kids... So instead, Andrew named seven of his close buddies and they were the only guests (plus his cousin Maddie)- no parents (other than Lego helpers). Loved it!

The kids started off the party by making Lego crowns.

Then we broke them into two groups (yellow and orange group- based on their crown color) and they took turns going to two different activities: 1) Lego racing and 2) Printing with Legos (in play-doh).

Then we did Lego relays and played Red Lego, Green Lego (Red Light, Green Light). They were SO INTO the games it was awesome. The intense looks on their faces were hysterical.   

After the relays, we did two more stations where they broke into groups again: 3) Lego painting and 4) Pin the Head on the Lego Man

Then we did a Lego Man Candy walk (like a cake walk) and a Lego scavenger hunt!

By that point they were ready to relax and eat!! For lunch we had mini Lego shaped pizzas, Lego cupcakes, Lego crackers, strawberries, peaches, and go-gurt (all of Andrew's favorite foods). :) 

The kids also got some Lego candies and Lego colored M&Ms to take home.

We ended the party with some balloon craziness and popping giant Legos (made with bubble wrap and butcher paper). 

Each kid got to take home a little baggie of Lego shaped crayons (bought on Etsy) and a little goodie bag filled with a few candies from the party (plus their painted Lego man and crown).

Andrew has been telling me all day how much he loved his party!! The little group of kids we invited from church were seriously adorable. We could not have asked for better guests.

I am so sad the party is over! It was so fun to plan! Good thing we still have another little birthday party with neighbors to look forward to.

Happy Birthday to my favorite 4-year-old ever!


Ashley said...

What an amazing party! 8 kids is still a BIG party when they are that age! You are such a fun and creative mom. I love that you had so many activities and the party was only an hour and a half--classic preschool party for each activity to last 5 minutes tops! I hope you got to crash and then go out to eat after! I love the food and the logo crayons.

Kristina said...

Totally agree that 8 is a lot... unless you have 6 adults solely focused on helping. If it had just been me (or me and Kevin) it would've been wayyy too much!!

We spent the evening out with huge ice cream sundaes and a babysitter for Cate... now I just wish a cleaning crew was scheduled to arrive on Monday!

Jules, James, & Ben said...

Everything looked so cute Kristina, great job. Ben had a great time. Him and Andrew are becoming good buddies now. They went right up to each other and said hi in Primary today and then started playing around. Very cute.

Chrissie said...

What an amazing party...Rose thoroughly enjoyed herself! She has been loving the cute lego man crayons, too. :)

RC Cola said...

What a fun party. You are such a good mom!

Liz said...

George had a blast!! Thanks so much for inviting him. He walked around with his Lego man crayons all day yesterday and today.

As always, and no surprise, you threw an amazing party!!

Jenny said...

super super cute. you are the party queen.

Warner said...

I always love seeing what creative things you come up with for Andrew's parties. Love the Lego theme- what a fun party!

Warner said...

Love this theme- what an awesome party!