Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Working Hard

I have far too much blogging to catch up on. I just realized I never posted about Valentine's Day... and now I have our whole trip to Florida to write about. So many fun memories to revisit!!

While I'm sorting through all the pictures, I thought I'd share some fun news. I think I mentioned in a previous post that I am a contributing writer at a kids blog. This week was my first post, so I thought I'd share it about it.

I'm now the weekly contributor on Monday mornings for a blog called Quirky Momma. It is a blog filled with activities for kids of all ages- babies up to middle school.

This week I shared a Lego activity that Andrew and I came up with... which then I also used for his Lego birthday party invites. It is new for me to actually get paid to blog, so hopefully I do a good job. If you want to go over and check out the post (and leave a comment to make me feel popular ;)) I'd love it. I won't spam this blog very often and talk about new blog job, but if you want to "Like" my Toddler Approved Facebook page (if you don't already) then you can just see updates there.

I just got another paid contributing blogger position that I'll share about when that starts too. I'm anxious to have a large chunk of change for Mrs. Fields cookies... so it looks like my dream is coming true ;)

Alright... off to sort through pictures and start posting about all the fun we've been up to over the past week or so!

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Liz said...

This is so exciting, Kristina!! Not to sound cheesy or dorky, but I'm so proud of you!!

And hopefully you are just being modest, and your new jobs will actually pay for more than just Mrs. Field's runs! :)