Thursday, February 23, 2012

Arise and Shine... spotlighting my cute cousin

I think I've bragged about my cousin Jenny's creativity on this blog before, but just had to share a few pictures. She created this awesome "Arise and Shine Forth" logo to use with the Young Women in her ward. She was nice enough to share the logo with me... little did she know everyone in my YWs would LOVE IT so much that it became the predominant theme of our entire New Beginnings event :)

Thanks Jenny!!

My friend Julie adapted Jenny's logo (bc she didn't have exactly the same font for the bottom word) and used her silhouette machine to create these amazing vinyl designs to then stick on candles. Aren't they so cute? Jenny- doubt you knew that 36 girls in my ward would be looking at your design every night in their rooms for the next several years. Awesome job!

The candles have timers and are battery operated, so the girls can set them to come on each night. My friend Julie talked about how they can be a great reminder to do the little things each day. Just like the candles will consistently burn every night at whatever time they are set, we should also be doing little things like reading scriptures, saying prayers, etc. each night consistently and be working make and keep sacred covenants in the temple. I LOVE the Oakland temple Jenny created as part of this logo. She seriously needs to be setting up her own etsy shop to sell her designs. I would buy them.

We also used Jenny's design for our programs (above) and invitations (the right side I designed... not as cute as her image, but it worked).

There were so many people complimenting the gorgeous images last night at our New Beginnings program. Jenny is not someone to brag, but she has seriously fabulous design talents... so I had to share.

Lastly, had to end this post with a cute picture of my Catie bug. Love this girl. We went to a fun park in San Mateo yesterday on our trip to pick Kevin up at SFO. She was cracking me up with how much she wanted to be a big kid like Andrew. It is amazing how much she grew up even more while we were on our Florida trip.

Love her!


Jenny said...

You are so sweet, I am blushing!! Ha. Everything looks fabulous from your New Beginnings. I am so happy everyone liked it so much!

Molly and Jason said...

very impressive! and catie is a doll!

Jordanielle said...

I stumbled upon your blog while looking for invitation ideas for our New Beginnings coming up and LOVE your invites. Do you sell or share your designs? My email is I'd love to hear from you. Thanks!